• Our brain and nerves (collectively known as our nervous system), produce the most efficient, yet the most sensitive system within our bodies. What makes this system so sensitive, is its propensity to get damaged by insults like toxins, infections or trauma.

    There is one factor that significantly damages our nerves: high blood sugar. Since diabetics often struggle to balance their blood sugar, they are at risk for severe nerve damage. A timely supply of glucose is necessary to keep our body systems up and running! However, diabetics suffer from an imbalance in terms of their blood sugar, which can lead to complications like neuropathy.

    High blood glucose damages nerves in several ways. Persistently high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) increases the production of toxins, known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). ROS unfortunately target and damage body nerves; or perhaps the nerves are so sensitive, that they’re first affected by increasing ROS levels. In either case, nerves suffer significant damage due to increasing ROS levels.

    There’s more to it! Hyperglycemia puts your blood vessels into a frantic state, where they’re unable to supply necessary blood to targeted organs and structures. Again, since our nerves are extremely sensitive, they tend to suffer the most when they do not receive enough blood.

    Not only do nerves lose their normal structure and function, but they start to function aberrantly as well. Symptoms of neuropathy like tingling, pain, burning of extremities, and spasms of body muscles, are the result of abnormal nerve function.

    If you’re a diabetic, then it’s highly possible that your nerves have already experienced some degree of damage. In fact, an alarming 60% of diabetics will develop nerve damage. Don’t worry though, because Neuracel can help!

    The Key Benefits Associated with Neuracel
    When it comes to the positive effects of Neuracel, we don’t promise that it’ll change your symptoms overnight. What we do promise however, that you’ll experience some potentially life-altering benefits. Neuracel is a multi-ingredient supplement, which is based on all-natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to work. Some of the key benefits include:

    • Helps minimize nerve pain
    • Reduces discomfort in limbs, hands and feet
    • Improves your ability to walk, climb stairs, and take part in your favorite activities
    • Reduces stiffness and soreness

    Try Neuracel Today
    In order to protect your nerves and overall quality of life, incorporate Neuracel into your daily routine today. Based on its natural formula and proven ingredients, you will naturally improve your symptoms of neuropathy.


  • The Science Behind Trimulin

    As mentioned, Neurcel is made with potent, natural ingredients. It can benefit your neuropathy in the following ways:

    • Remember those troubling ROS levels we discussed? Neuracel helps naturally decrease the production of reactive oxygen species. Neuracel addresses the root of the problem and aids in rapid recovery and timely rehabilitation.

    • Regularizes the activity of nerves, so that the nerves don’t function abnormally and you don’t have to suffer the symptoms of nerve dysfunction.

    • Calms your body and brain. That’s very important because once you’ve experienced some peace of mind, you’ll experience significant reduction in your pain. You’ll also be able to do routine activities once again.

    What Research is Saying 
    The benefits experienced, are based on Neurcel’s unique blend of natural and herbal ingredients. The following ingredients, directly impact nerve health and functioning, without producing unwanted side-effects.

    1. California Poppy: The California poppy, is a wonder when it comes to neuropathic pain. Research has shown that the use of the California poppy, is extremely beneficial in treating both acute and chronic neuropathic pain. It is also known to calm down senses and aid in sleep regulation.

    2. Passion Flower: Also known as Passiflora, Passion Flower is an herb native to the USA. Passion flower has been studied by research communities for a number of years, known for its anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and stress-reducing effects. More specifically, GABA is a neurotransmitter in the brain, which is known for its ability to reduce pain, while decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Passion Flower can help regulate GABA levels, aiding in nerve pain.

    1. Lobelia: People across the world have been using lobelia for centuries. From China to India, people use this herb for numerous conditions, such as respiratory ailments and an upset stomach. Researchers have recently found that lobelia has anti-neuropathic effects. Beta-amyrin palmitate is the main ingredient, that is now labeled for the pain relieving effects of lobelia. Moreover, research has also linked the use of lobelia with muscle relaxation.

    1. Prickly Ash Bark: This herb has been long used for its ability to heal the pain and discomfort of arms and legs. Prickly ash bark soothes joint pain and strengthens the immune system. With an active immune system, your body fights off infections more effectively. This is helpful, as diabetics are more likely to catch infections. What’s worse, is that repeated infections make diabetics even more sensitive to pain.

    1. Coridalis Yanhusuo: Chinese consider this ingredient to be the # 1 herb in reducing pain. Results of several clinical trials have shown that several ingredients from Coridalis Yanhusuo help reduce pain and inflammation. Moreover, use of Coridalis Yanhusuo has also been linked with significant reduction of body spasms and a more restful night’s sleep.

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    Below are just some of the scientific references used to show that Neuracel works.

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  • NeuracelSupplementFactsSUGGESTED USE
    : Adults take 1 to 2 capsules 3 times daily with food or as directed by your healthcare professional.

    WARNING: Check with a qualified healthcare professional before taking this product. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing a baby. If you experience any type of allergic reactions stop taking Neuracel and consult your physician.


    You can find out more about each of the ingredients and why they are used on the “Why It Works” tab.